Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Shop Hop 2011

Well, this year's Shop Hop is over...haven't done it every year, but it was fun this year... with the exception of one store. We'll just skip it next year... she puts forth no effort to welcome her guests, almost acts as if she doesn't care that we are there or not... so, why bother. The others create cute little things to give us, some have games for us to play or else bowls of tickets to draw from to see if we will win a prize! It's fun... it's supposed to be FUN... buy a clue here, we don't HAVE to come to your store.

So yes I added a little bit to my stash... very little... but always enjoy chatting with other quilters and the other shop keepers that I don't get to see often... some even have a mascot who greets us at the door (Maya) with an adorable face... check out The Clothesline Quilt shop in Avon...and great fabrics too!

So now we hunker down in our sewing rooms and see what we can accomplish from our new goodies...

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