Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Always have witnesses

April was an odd month for me. Several things got in the way of me blogging and I can only hope going forward that will cease. One thing that changed my life in April was my underestimation of a certain person.

Girlx will be what we'll call her, not to protect her, mind you, but to not add search results based on searching of her name. It's too late for anyone to protect her, she has already become the person she apparently chooses to be; and at such a young age. It's sad really. But the lesson I learned is invaluable. Never let your guard down, when you know someone wants you "out of the way". You will walk straight into their trap.

Why does someone choose to mess with another person's life? Don't they have a life enough of their own? Shouldn't they concentrate on their newly married status and enjoy the new life they have in a new country, living with a new husband, the world at her fingertips. Why is that not enough? Ahhh yes, the friend she wanted to bring over. The only thing I can think of, is she needed to make room for the friend. No, that would be too obvious. There must be some other reason to whine and cry and lie and file complaints about a person that did you the favor of bringing you to the new country, to reunite you with your fiance, and to take you into open arms welcoming your arrival. I know that is not the way I was raised to show gratitude. I just don't understand it.

Not only did I recommend her to come to this country instead of our hiring someone else to replace our dearly departing team member, but I also recommended her to continue on in the team to follow the end of that project. Wow, that will teach me. Or will it? Do I really have to give up on human beings just because one person chooses to act like a spoiled child? Whatever her motives were, this childish behavior, which didn't belong in the workplace, should not steer me away from believing that basically Most people are good at heart. I've believed that all my life, tried to look for the good in people and teach that to my daughter as well. I will continue to do so, and just learn from this experience that those people Do exist out there, and don't let yourself be left alone with them. Always, always have witnesses.