Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rain Makes it Slippery?...Ya Think?

Each time the season changes from dry to wet (snow or rain) people in the Midwest (maybe it's everywhere) seem to FORGET that it will also change the road conditions. And with that, we need to change our SPEED at which we drive. At MINIMUM we need to change the erratic behavior with which some of us drive. You can't go whipping in & out of cars on wet pavement and not expect to end up... in the ditch.

Today I saw 2 cars attempting to be towed out of "the ditch" along the Interstate. One was in the middle "ditch" and one went over the right shoulder. Both had tow trucks, both had highway patrol cars and one had a Fire truck. But all of them had people standing out in the rain trying to help. And I'm sure they were thinking,... "There's no place I'd rather be". People don't seem to also realize that if you do end up "in the ditch", it's not only YOU that you inconvenience, it's the people trying to help you, the people waiting for you at your intended destination, AND the people driving past you trying to not get in a wreck with the "Lookie Lou's" . You know the "Lookie Lou's".... the ones that don't realize THEY are creating a potentially dangerous situation. It's much more important to see what's going on "in the ditch" than to watch the wet, rainy road!

People... pass it on.... Get Smart. Drive Smart. Stay Alive.

Then maybe we all can.