Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The 10 best ways to handle a job interview

I ran across this and thought it's a good list to remember... so I thought I'd share it.

The 10 best ways to handle a job interview
June 3, 2008
By Calvin Sun

Given the current economy, maintaining contacts with other companies can be critical. Knowing the right people can help you land a better job, one with more pay or perhaps the chance of advancement. But getting that next job, of course, often involves an interview. Here are some tips to help you excel.

(1) Be on time
Give yourself enough time to reach your destination, especially if you're unfamiliar with the area. You will have enough stress with respect to the actual interview. Don't add to it by complicating your travel to there. Consider a dry run prior to interview day, especially if you're driving. Remember that mapping and navigational services could take you (as they did me) through an empty field or the wrong way on a one-way street.

Don't get there too early, either. Doing so makes you look as though you have no other job and could hurt you later during salary negotiations. Plan to arrive between 10 to 20 minutes before your time. If you really do get there on the early side, consider joking with the receptionist or your interviewer about your surprise or "anger" over the lack of traffic. Then get serious and say that all you need is a place to sit down, because you have work you can do while you wait.

(2)Occupy yourself while waiting
Do bring work with you, so you can do it. There's always another e-mail or memo to write, or a chance to review your to-do list or project plan. You even could start on the thank-you note to your interviewer(s). (See below.)
Whatever you do, don't look up every time someone passes by. Doing so makes you look weak and anxious.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Machine Quilting . . . here I come!

The Mega Quilter is up and running, now all I have to do is practice... practice... and ya, more practice... so to that end, I found this little presentation. It's kind of cool so I thought I'd share it with ya'all.


and.. here's my first stitches.. .they aren't great but I want to remember what they looked like so that when I'm better, I can laugh at them. LOL

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Life After Minxie

A new creature has come into our lives, and pretty much turned it upside down.

Some weeks ago, I ventured up to the 'little garage' to peek at the 3 kittens a mother cat had given birth to in our grass catcher (device hooked to the back of a riding mower to 'catch grass' as its cut). There were 3 kittens in there and Mom was somewhere out getting food I suppose. The next day I looked and I saw 1 kitten, and heard one mewing from somewhere else. After a while I found it UNDER the grass catcher, so I carefully lifted it up and put it back in with its one sibling, also wondering where the 3rd one was...

The next day, when I checked, there was one kitten again, and again I heard the other mewing from somewhere else. This time I found it, with Mom, tucked safely in the belly of a pot belly stove we were storing up in that garage (not hooked up). I know this because when I started to look down the stove pipe, mom was coming UP the stove pipe at me. So I figured Mom and kitten were now happy in the stove belly. Odd that she didn't take the one left in the grass catcher. It was beginning to try and crawl tho, and I was afraid it would crawl out of the thing, and get lost or eaten like kitten #3 which never was seen again. So I went and got a tall box. and put the kitten in it, and set it between the stove and the grass catcher so Mom could hear and find it.

Next day... Mom and kitten were gone from the stove, and the kitten in the box was... still in the box! It seemed she had deserted it. So the only thing I could do, was take the kitten down to the house, and learn about feeding it. PetSmart had some baby bottles sized perfectly for orphaned kittens (and other creatures) and amazingly cans of 'milk replacement formula' that you mix with water and feed from the bottle... Every Three Hours. OH MY. And so I did. The kitten thrived for 4 or 5 days, even started walking around the house a bit, getting its land-legs. Oh, I didn't mention, these kittens were all of maybe 4 weeks old when we first found them; barely a handful. So after feeding her and seeing she'd be fine, I took her to the garage to see if Mom cat wanted her back... Mom was laying in the corner with a sibling kitten,.. so I left the healthy kitten in the garage and shut the door tight so they couldnt get out that way.

Later that day I went to check on them... all were gone from the corner... and only a strange weak and painful mewing was coming from the pot belly stove. We looked in and it was the kitten who had been in the corner earlier... it seemed next to death. It couldn't move its head more than a fraction, its legs were a lost coause and it was wet from ? laying in its own urine? Not sure why it was 1/2 wet. So seeing Mom and healthy kitten had left... out the window, we scooped this sick one into a box and took it up to the house. I gave her a few drops of milk from the bottle... left for an hour or two, and gave it more every few hours that nite. By morning, it was 1/2 way to normal again! So I continued the treatment, cleaned it up and today we have... Minxie! I didnt weigh her in the beginning but I'd be surprised if she was more then 8 oz... last week I weighed her and she was 11-3/8 oz, and this week 13-3/8oz!! Yes, she's coming along... and here she is!