Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Busy Season

I love Christmas, but it seems that it becomes busier and busier each year... where did the month go? Well today I got a free moment to try getting back on my Mega Quilter and finishing quilting MY quilt, which has been on it for a couple months I think. Anyway... I previously had issues with the thread continuously breaking. Someone suggested the bobbin area might be dirty and need cleaning. So I cleaned it. Good tip! Thanks Jeanette! So I get a row done, then stop to roll it up another row, and begin again... then I break a needle! OUCH. Ok... found the needles, removed the piece of needle that got lodged in the feed dogs, inserted a new needle, threaded it... and we're back to the breaking thread. GOOD GRIEF. Oh, and also, the stitches are skipping some... take a look at these pics... I don't get it... and don't know how to fix it either? Any ideas?