Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another one down...

Finished this throw for my step daughter. Funny story behind it... While Christmas shopping for her, I found this set of -what I THOUGHT was flannel sheets... When she opened them, it turns out I didn't read very well, it was a set of receiving blankets... yes, for babies. She had NO need of those for sure! So I said... here, give them back to me and I'll cut them up and sew them back together and make a throw for you... (not even sure how big these are, and how big the final result will be!).. But here it is, and fortunately I had a large piece of pink flannel to use as the backing. I think it came out cute! Pinks and browns, very nice.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sharon's Quilt

Sharon asked me to quilt this quilt for her. It's a gift for her daughter's wedding anniversary. It's so gorgeous I had trouble parting with it! Altho it was quite a challenge, quilting it in the ditch, given the pattern involved... but I got it done, and she loved it. I also wore out my walking foot in the middle of it, never did that before, but I have a new one now... Happy Trails...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

9 Patch - QUILTED!!!

Ok, I started this quilt, hmmm 2-1/2 years ago? with a couple ladies I worked with. We formed our own 9 Patch Block Exchange. We chose a color palette of BOLD COLORS - that was it.. primary, secondary, even tertiary colors.. the only other rule was that we had to use a White-on-white for the alternate squares in each 9 patch. That way, they would all have something in common... so I finished the Quilt Top over a year ago... picked out the backing.. even bought the batting. The hold up, was the quilting of it. I had bought a Mega Quilter and thought of using it but every time I tried, I ran into some problem. Well finally, I ironed out all the problems, and last week... I QUILTED THE 9 PATCH!! YAY!!! It felt so good to see it come off the quilter! Here is a picture or two of it... on to the binding and it'll be complete!!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Erik's Quilt

Wow! A lot has happened since that last post. I can see that I need to try harder to post regularly so that is what I'll aim for! Last year I was working with Star thread on the Mega Quilter and have since moved on to Coats Cotton or Signature. I have found these to not break in the machine. I also have found every machine is very picky about the bobbin you use! WOW... really picky. I've leveled the floor, made marks on the floor so I can tell when it's been moved and can easily put it back in the spot where I know it's level! I have also quilted a few quilts since then! Stay tuned and I'll put some pics up this year as I go along.

Here's my last one, finished last weekend for my step-son Erik. His favorite color is green.. can you tell? I laid it out on my bed for the picture, as it's a Queen size quilt and we have a King size bed, so I knew most of it would show in the photo. The border and binding don't show very well, though. The border is a marble black with a cute grey binding. Maybe I'll get a close up one day. The quilting is a pattern I call Loop-dee-Loo - not rocket science but I like it. I also snuck in a couple "where's Waldo" things on him; I quilted his name in there twice and one heart. The name I showed in the blue photo, that's the backing but by flipping the picture horizontally I was able to post it with his name showing in the correct orientation so you can read it. I used an archival ink pen to document the date and my name, instead of what I think would be an unsightly label. (JMHO)