Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Vacation

Day 1
Quite interesting having a talking GPS unit guide you to your destination! I kinda liked it. and she didn't mind what i called her, she just kept on directing us. We stopped in Springfield for lunch, at Panera Bread, favorite hotspot with free WiFi.
Got online, found a hotel in Hannibal, MO and booked it. Oh, and the Salmon topped salad was excellent! We even found time to stop at the local JoAnn Fabrics there...(go figure) just across the parking lot from Panera... I got to use my FIRST Flyer coupon! YAY!!!... then on our way we went... We found the hotel perfectly, with "Chickie's" help and checked in. After throwing our stuff in the room, we went to try out the restaurant on the corner for dinner, Fiddlestix, it was Great! The oddest thing on the menu was a side dish of "melted white cheese". The waitress says people use it for dipping in with chips or whatever. We didnt try it. Back to the room... Upon entering the room we found it freezing. So I went to turn down the A/C and on the way i cracked my ankle on the bedframe, it hurt like nothing has hurt beore... lots of ice went on it and left it there for hours. In fact i fell asleep with it on.

Day 2
We went to downtown Hannibal today, walked thru a bunch of stores, took a trolley ride.. which really upset my stomach, then found the quilt shop and all was right with the world!... I just cant get used to the stores here not allowing the public use of their store restrooms. One lady did and I was so grateful, but the next one directed me to a public restroom building a block away! Yes, they were clean, Very clean, but they were a BLOCK away!!! Anyway, enough for one afternoon, we headed back to the hotel for a rejuvenation period. YES, a NAP. Well, "he napped" and I posted to my blog. Ok? Later we're going to the hot tub! and dinner. Then we'll see what tomorrow brings. Oh, we did find one Geo Cache, full of stuff, so we left something, and took something, and logged it in the book. Yay... I think that's #18 (thanks Derrick)