Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter is celebrated on the Sunday immediately following the first full moon after the vernal (spring) equinox. It can fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25.

That's Today. Happy Easter. Today is the day I thank the Lord for the sacrifice of His son Jesus.

As a child I attended a church where we celebrated Easter with a Easter Sunrise Service out on Lake Michigan. The congregation gathered at the church and carpooled down to the lake. We assembled on the 'rock' of Fullerton beach and our minister offered a few prayers, we sang a few songs, and I believe we had a short sermon. Then we all traipsed back to the church for a pancake breakfast. It was cold and windy on the lakefront, and earlier than I ever wanted to be up, but somehow these are the memories I refer to as fond memories of my childhood Easter.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Day 2.. or Day 3 ?

On day 2, or was that 3? I'm not sure as I think I lost a whole day travelling. So today we had a nice day with just the twins, burping, feeding, and BATH time. No, I didn't take pictures... maybe next time. We also watched a movie named "Once" which was about an Irish vacuum repair man/songwriter and a girl, and at the end of the movie we finally realized they never named them during the movie. Even the credits called them Guy and Girl. ! lol

Anyway, it was a nice mellow day. Oh I did get a short trip to the mini market. I plan on going again tomorrow. But today I bought 2 cans of soup (Lobster Bisque & Cock-a-Leekie (and a container of creamy rice with rhubarb... very yummy!

On To England

After a long hard week (or 2 or 3) I was really looking forward to getting away - spend some time with my daughter, and my new grandbabies! This trip couldnt have come at a better time. Well, ok, yes it could have, but I did need it now more than ... anyway the story begins in Bloomington.

I arrived at BMI airport, a nice small airport and sat for a bit enjoying some water, and logging on to the FREE wireless internet they offer. YAY Bloomington. There was no line for security, in fact I didnt even see the Security people so I'll take my time... 10 minutes later, I looked up and there was a line 3/4 the way down the hallway! Who were these people?? Where did they come from? I asked one and it seems there was a softball team travelling, ok... they will be gone soon. Well at 4:40 they still weren't gone, and I thought I needed to be on the plane at 4:45 so I started getting panicky. Nothing I could do tho, the security guy said, just get back in line lady (he didnt care that my flight was at 5:15). So back in line I went... soon to notice John & Adam from work wandering around the airport. They had come to see me off! How nice that was, too bad I had to stand in line, but they stood and chatted with me until I got to the head of the line and needed to go thru security. Thanks guys that meant alot that you showed up! It made me forget for a bit that I thought I should have been in line earlier. Good thing I wasn't or I'd have missed seeing them.

Ok so here is a sculpture I was looking at while waiting for them to call boarding for my flight... interesting...
they are Horses made of wire, or cable since it's so thick, just running in midair. That's about as long as I had to look around, then we boarded the plane. Nice plane, a lttle small, but we only had a little over an hour flight to Detroit where I'd get a bigger one to go to London.

The flight was fine, no turbulance, no problems. Nice and smooth, thank you Lord. Even the landing was quite smooth for a landing.

In Detroit I went thru this tunnel first to get to the terminal for International, then I came out and found this fountain. I couldnt capture what it was doing, but it was set to a computer generated pattern to turn parts of it off and on at different times to make the water appear to be dancing. It was quite entertaining..
I found the next gate and then searched out dinner at a nearby restaurant (Tequileria), great cheese/chicken quesadillas, altho if i get to go there on the way back, I want to try the Salmon Quesadillas.. they were out of them this trip, but they sounded delish! Onward and upward, off to London we go.

Another nice, smooth flight, but very very long. And sitting next to someone who doesn't talk, can be quite frustrating for the likes of me. So I got some sewing done, some reading, and watched The Bee Movie, which I had been wanting to see. It was very funny. We landed early! I think the windy weather might have helped us along... a good tail wind will do it every time!

After arriving, I got thru Passport inspection and customs rather quickly and after a small to-do about which coach I should take to Cambridge, I boarded a coach and away we went. It all happened rather quickly - infact the coach driver waited on me to board as he was running 15 min late himself, so there was no time to call my daughter or anything. I figured I'd deal with it later...but Later in Cambridge, I heard there was a bus for Ely and if I called my daughter, it'd take her at least 30 min to get there. I'll just take the bus. So I did and managed to call her just before boarding it saying I'll see you in Ely at 3:30 on Market street... and we did. I was soooo glad to see her, I didnt care that it was out in the street, I just wanted a hug.

The rest of the day was spent with the babies. Holding, feeding, burping, walking, they are lovely. I only got the one snap above of Grace, but I'll get more this weekend. That was her in my lap, and it only looks like she's holding the bottle... hands aren't quite big enough yet. But they indeed are little gems. Like their mother. Talk to you more later!