Thursday, April 30, 2009

Apples... apples..

This was a really fun thing... painting with fruit. I actually used an apple to paint these!

Now I will take this finished fabric and make it into an art quilt of some kind...


Mega Quilter - Unleashed!

I finally got my mega quilter working... however I now think I need to change thread again... it keeps developing these 'pushed up ' areas on the route to the needle.. and then it breaks... and I'm using Star thread!... but I do see small nubbies on the thread... so I'm thinking I'll try a new brand. But at least I got my quilt done and OFF the machine! Now I can bind it and USE it! (since it's mine!)... YAY I'm not showing it here yet til it's bound.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

HELP!!! I'm Blocked!

I really need to do something that feels artsy... I can't come up with an idea, it's like "artsy block". Well I can't call it "Quilter's Block" for obvious reasons... LOL Anyway, I thought about designating one day a week as Artistic Day. On this day I will do at least ONE THING that will let my artistic spirit out. TODAY is that day!
- any ideas out there?